Axis Car Battery experienced and vigilant patrols are spread across the country and are just a call away. Axis Car Battery not just attend a vehicle with a flat battery but we also jump-start the vehicle, look out for the possible causes, suggest a long term solution and provide the required aid. If there is a Car starter problem, our crew can reach out to you anytime, anywhere,24*7 with well-equipped machinery to tackle any Battery Related Problem.

Car Jump Start Service

If your car/vehicle fails to start at any point of time our emergency jump start service will assist you to repair your car battery. in case your car’s battery is dead and needs replacement or is continuously jumping, our expert mechanics will fix it for you

Battery Replacement

Axis Car Battery is the No.1 car battery replacement in Qatar. We specialized in Battery replacement of all types of vehicles with branded batteries. If your car battery is dead or low you just need to call our mobile service unit on the given number +974 30 031 241 for immediate service. Our car battery replacement and delivery team are available over the state of Qatar 24 hours to assist our valuable customers.

Car Battery is like your Heart. Even though your heart has a warranty, you still go for a routine checkup. Similarly, the Car Battery needs some routine maintenance check-ups despite its warranty. This will increase your battery life and avoid last-minute car starting issues.


Car Battery Boosting

If you are in Qatar and your battery is drained or running in low voltage we reach you in minutes and make a battery boost. This is also known as jump-starting. We also provide battery-changing services. Your battery is replaced onsite. You don’t need to spend additional time going to a garage and waiting there. We can do it onsite across Qatar.

Why should we replace a car battery?
Here are seven telltale signs that your car battery is dying:
A slow starting engine. Over time, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective. 
Dim lights and electrical issues.
The check engine light is on.
A bad smell.
Corroded connectors.
A misshapen battery case.
An old battery.

How many years do car batteries last?
Some cars will get up to five or six years out of their battery, while others will need a new one after only two years. In general, your car will usually need a new battery after three to four years. Replacing your car battery is another part of routine maintenance.

What We Offer

Our trained technician will check your battery, starter motor, and charging system, and let you know the problem. If you just need a jump-start, we’ll have you on your way in minutes. If your battery needs changing, we’ll expertly install a replacement. All our batteries come complete with a comprehensive warranty, including unlimited jump-starts.*


If your battery is flat, but otherwise in good condition, we’ll get you moving again with a jump-start.

Standard battery

Affordable batteries from leading manufacturers Charger, ACDelco and Hitachi with 24 months’ comprehensive warranty.

Premium battery

Long-life batteries from Bosch, Banner and Varta with 24 months’ comprehensive warranty.

AGM Battery

High-capacity, long-life batteries from Bosch, Banner and Varta, with 24 months’ comprehensive warranty. Recommended for large and high-performance vehicles.

WithThe Axis Car Battery

  1.  Tell us where your car will be
  2.  Select your vehicle, or add a new vehicle
  3.  Select “Battery Service”
  4.  Select “Battery Jump-start” or your preferred battery type if a change is required
  5.  Choose your preferred date and time
  6.  “Order Now” and leave the rest to us.

Park safely

Park your car in a safe location, making sure to leave at least 1m between it and any surrounding vehicles or other obstacles, preferably under shade to protect our crew from the sun.

Pop the bonnet

Please make sure that your bonnet/hood (or boot/trunk, depending on the location of your battery) is unlocked and accessible.

Stay close

Our technician will need you to give him access to the car when he arrives, before checking your battery and running diagnostic tests on your starter motor and charging system.

Any Questions?

The warranty duration for a new battery depends on the brand you choose.

Your warranty entitles you to a free battery diagnostic check and a free replacement if the test results show that your battery is faulty.

To claim on your warranty, contact our Axis Car Battery Qatar Service

The cost of the battery service depends on your car’s make and model – which will affect the amperage it requires – and the brand you choose.

The price you pay includes our professional diagnostic service, battery replacement, and warranty, including roadside assistance.

If you just require a jump-start, you’ll only be charged AED 100.

If we can’t find any problem with you battery, we won’t charge you, and where possible we’ll help to identify the underlying issue.

Yes, as long as there’s at least one metre between your car and surrounding objects, the bonnet/hood is unlocked, and you are available to start the car.

Depending on your vehicle make and model, our technician may require access to the interior of your vehicle to assess or replace the battery.

Our Battery Service can be ordered to most locations within Dubai, whether you are parked indoors or outdoors.

Our technician will run a full diagnostic test to find out what’s causing the issue – often, all it takes is a jump-start to get you moving again.

If the battery needs to be replaced, we’ll ask for your go-ahead before fitting a new battery